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As create a quick link to 8earn from your smartphone, tablet or pc

By registering for 8earn, on first access, you will be asked if you want to create a quick link on your smartphone, tablet or PC and click on 👉 okay you will have already completed the procedure.

You can do it at any time using these simple steps:

  • Enter the address in the navigation bar and connected to the site.

  • From your phone click on the three google dots at the top right 👉 add to home screen 👉 add or always clicking on the three google dots at the top right click on 👉 install apps 👉 install.

  • From the pc click on the entry 👉 other tools 👉 create shortcut 👉 create.

In this way the quick connection procedure will already be completed and to connect to 8earn you just need to click on the appropriate icon that you have created.

Click to connect to the channel:
Click to connect to: