Easy Shop

Easy Shop a new way of doing business

From section Easy Shop you can easily create your product showcase on the 8earn platform, a place where visitors can learn about your publications and obtain benefits.

In the Easy Shop section you can access the " Review Product " function and by clicking on the Search button, you will be able to filter all the cashback offers on 8earn.

Once your favorite product has been identified and analysed, click on Add and proceed with the review by adding the title, review, tags, images and, once your review is complete, click on " Save ".

This way you will have already completed the procedure.

The reviewed product will appear on your Easy Shop and anyone who concludes the purchase by clicking on the advertisement you have created, going directly to the product page of the Store affiliated with 8earn, will earn Bonuses for you and your network.

Each product that you review on your Easy Shop will be linked to specific 8earn categories so that on your showcase, the offers reviewed can be cataloged and recalled by users based on their genre.

Therefore, if a user goes to your Easy Shop, he will be able to view your multi-brands using the display filter for the products reviewed.

Your Easy Shop can be managed in modality Multi-brand but, at the same time, you will allow the user to navigate without defocusing their interests.

To rank on certain brands and get more views from your Followers, it is advisable to specialize in certain market niches by offering your audience a good categorization of products.

Don't forget the most important thing, that is, the buyer will be able to enjoy savings on each product purchased and the cashback will be credited in a short time (depending on the type of product and at the Store) in his reserved area of ​​the 8earn platform.

If the buyer has not yet registered with 8earn, he will still be able to complete the purchase by making use of your promo by clicking on the banner that you have published and by connecting directly to the product page of the site concerned, he will earn you a bonus.

In fact, some users may simply be interested in making intelligent purchases and with 8earn they will be able to obtain a rapid search for products on a single screen by comparing prices and features deriving from the various affiliated Stores.

In any case, at the time of connection, a choice will be offered to the potential buyer who may decide to register with your network to get cashback on millions of products for all the subsequent times he decides to make purchases.

The more your proposals are of value, the greater the turnover you will be able to obtain since the user will be motivated to visit your Easy Shop by purchasing based on your reviews.

Remember that the 8earn algorithm will help you monetize Bonuses and Cashback thanks to a rather structured affiliate system.

To facilitate viewing the availability of reviewable products, the following buttons have been created: Available (when the reviewed product is available on the platform of the Store that has an agreement with 8earn) e Not available (when the product is no longer available on the Store platform that has an agreement with 8earn); you will be able to independently manage the visibility filter by accessing the edit section of your review if necessary.

Together with your network, you can share 8earn products on any social network you deem appropriate with the appropriate sharing functions such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln or other options of your interest.

With this section anyone can start their own business with absolute simplicity.

There is no subscription fee for using 8earn and starting your own business will be really simple.

Remember that the best thing to realize your success will be content sharing associated with impeccable relational quality and 8earn, as an entrepreneurial tool, will help you achieve your goals.

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