Partner area

In the Partners section you will find all the stores affiliated with 8earn that you can call up by clicking on the Tags; you can view them both from your smartphone or from your pc by holding down the shift key and turning the wheel of your mouse.

By clicking on the relevant Partner's banner you will be linked directly to the platform and you will be able to receive cashback on your purchases.

On each banner you will find the percentage of cashback paid by 8earn.

On the store banner you can assign a favorite filter  and recall it in the appropriate section Favorites.

In the section  you will find the information relating to each specific Partner where various sharing keys are shown, necessary to interact with your audience to review your favorite store and attract the attention of your potential followers as well as, of course, offering the possibility of optimizing the cost of purchases to all who join your network.

By accessing the function Details of Bonuses you will be able to view the cashback percentages recognized by 8earn in reference to each affiliation stage.

By clicking on the button Go to the Store or directly on the store banner, you will be linked to the platform (website) of your interest, managing to receive cashback on purchases.

By selecting the button you will automatically access the selected partner. Via the All Offers button you will be able to filter the entire list of cashback offers offered by that specific Partner.

For each completed and confirmed purchase you will therefore receive a percentage of cashback on your purchases and bonuses on purchases generated by your network.

Always on the banner of the store you will find  which can be useful for quick sharing on social network platforms.

With copy function  , on the other hand, you can recover the direct link to the store and be able to connect your audience to the site of this partner, offering the possibility of optimizing costs on their purchases and at the same time finalizing a consolidated collaboration with your network.

To get more views, we advise you to create valuable content that stimulates curiosity and interest.

People are looking for useful and transparent information, thus offering you the possibility of consolidating a real managerial business.

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