Intro alla mia App

Introduction to my App

8earn is a free platform that allows you to compare many products, sometimes similar in their kind, selected by the various affiliated Partners, proposing itself with millions of offers dedicated to shopping and saving, managing to offer an important cashback to its registered users, i.e. a money back on your purchases.

Basically, a percentage of the expenditure for purchases made directly on the affiliated Partners' sites will be credited again to your virtual account within a specific area called Accrued Bonuses on the 8earn panel.

This fantastic App can prove to be really useful, both for the entrepreneur who wants to expand his business volume, and for the student, housewife, artist, who wants to increase their income for personal support by working comfortably from anywhere of the world.    

8earn provides an excellent affiliation plan dedicated to anyone wishing to pursue a professional career while minimizing business risk by managing to convert the turnover generated through purchases from your network into added value.

In fact, users affiliated with your network will be able to click on the product published by you or directly on the banners of the Stores present in the Partners area to connect to their favorite site. By making purchases of any kind, you will receive a cashback (refund on your purchases).

Also, you, who have brought the user to the knowledge of this product with your reviews/promos, will also be recognized a cashback percentage (bonus) on the value of the turnover generated for each purchase of your network.

You can easily advertise each product by importing it directly into your Easy Shop (selecting the product published by the various Stores) and publish valuable reviews that will help you increase your business.

The Easy Shop is an area where you can share your reviews and create a real online showcase in which to show your products to your audience and immediately start your digital store at no cost.

8earn intervenes with its Bonus procurement system on the value of the turnover generated, inviting users to make intelligent purchases and, unlike other competitors, 8earn stands out for many new opportunities and features on the platform.

8earn does not bind users to self-consumption, on the contrary, it is a completely free application capable of recognizing Bonuses and Cashbacks to those who, on their own initiative, have wanted to generate purchases on the Affiliated marketplaces.

Users registered with 8earn will be able to take advantage of special discounts offered by the Stores throughout the year, staying informed about promotional campaigns.

8earn shares, in the classic Social Network mode, information and advice for purchases, managing to track movements on the affiliated Marketplaces to recognize Bonuses and Cashbacks to anyone who has generated a purchase or recommended a product/service.

On the platform, incentives are offered daily to those who buy by offering Bonuses and Cashback through many ad hoc promotions.

You will be offered instrumentation integrated into the system to be able to maintain remote working relationships between users.

An Easy Shop is available for anyone wishing to start their own business as a digital entrepreneur, safeguarding themselves from business risks and initial investments. It will give you the possibility to post various proposals. The products or services will be shared in the list of 8earn offers that can be found by surfers (potential buyers). In this way the entrepreneur will monetize his campaigns.

On the Easy Shop function there is the possibility of being able to categorize the products/services reviewed by the Manager, in order to satisfy multiple needs for the entrepreneur who wants to treat more than one Brand in a similar way to a multivendor system, keeping the user connected to the same showcase of the proposals.

You will be able to create the possibility of receiving exclusive assignments from companies that wish to establish relationships through a dynamic and transparent commercial contact person, for the creation of their own promotional sector.

8earn offers the possibility, to each user who in turn manages his own shop, to appear in the affiliation circuit and obtain considerable advantages on promotional dissemination which, thanks to specific IT systems developed, can help the entrepreneur to enhance his volume of sales. business limiting all technical difficulties.

You will be able to contact potential suppliers, wholesalers and make your brand known thanks to the circuit of affiliated members and you will be able to emerge on the digital market.

The public relations system structured by 8earn, for example, informs all members registered on the platform about the skills of professionals who want to increase a business linked to digital training, via video chat or other systems dedicated to this kind of activity.

The members registered on the platform can be contacted, for collaborations of a technical and commercial nature, by various structures that intend to join the network.

8earn offers the possibility of consolidating a relationship over time between Managers and Agents without worrying about losing the business created, managing to establish stable and motivational monetization through a unique and personal affiliation code that will last forever.

Each user registered in the network will be able to create a real entrepreneurial structure as a Manager that he, thanks to his own activity on the network, will be able to make known to involve his own affiliates in further projects.

Dynamic integration systems are present on the 8earn platform for the involvement between entrepreneurs and potential customers and therefore they will not have to face costs or other business risks, obtaining a turnkey service at practically 0 cost.

8earn offers the user transparency on any type of information, summarizing, in the respective Bonus areas, a synthetic detail on supplies.

A unique assistance service of its kind is constantly present, to support the user in the most timely manner possible and to interact directly with the interested party and this also strengthens the potential of 8earn which wishes to grow its community by offering the best.

In essence, 8earn is a real Big Family capable of consolidating the relationship between digital entrepreneurs and customers and of course, like any other social network, 8earn offers the possibility of meeting friends virtually and sharing the best moments of the day.

Thanks to this new application, anyone will be able to start a business with absolute simplicity, practically immediately.

8earn can be an important point of reference that helps you make new friends and create many opportunities; allows you to work in smart working in any place you want such as train, hotel, home... without territorial limits, time constraints and without fixed costs.

What you need to start this digital business is a smartphone or PC and obviously a data connection. In fact, 8earn, being also a responsive web app, works on all operating systems and on all devices that have a browser, presenting itself, on the mobile version, as a real app. even if it is not installed from Play-store. Easy, right?

You don't have to be scared if you have never worked in the online world. This platform has been designed and formulated to make every single step simple and fast, thanks to the presence of ad hoc functions that will allow you to make the most of all the potential of the advanced systems in reference to affiliate programs.

With 8earn starting your digital company will be very simple; just one click will suffice.

Unlike other digital businesses on the market, with 8earn you don't have to incur initial expenses or fulfill various paperwork necessary nowadays, even before starting a business trying to recover the invested value only after years of work.

Let's get into the specifics and try to better understand how it works.

Registering for 8earn is very simple and you can do it in various ways:

- by accessing the login section

- through an invitation from a friend

- by going directly to the Top Managers area to connect to one of them

The platform has already selected a series of Top Managers who are distinguishing themselves through a certain entrepreneurial ability and transparency at work.

By selecting one of the Top Managers you will be able to view the biography and visit the social pages made public respectively by that Top Manager.

You can automatically connect to the selected Manager as an Agent thus becoming part of its Network.

Proceeding to invite new friends through the appropriate social functions, every time someone joins your network, you will in turn become a Manager and the latter your Agent!

Your network, with which you will be able to convert turnover into Bonuses, can be made up of an unlimited number of Agents for three affiliated stages (first stage: direct Agents + second stage: indirect Agents + third stage: indirect Agents).

8earn uses a personal Manager Code that identifies each user upon first registration on the platform and allows you to maintain a consolidated relationship with the entire network that will be created later.

Your Manager Code will be displayed in the My Account section where you can manage all your personal information.

Why does 8earn put so much importance on the network? First of all, you will be able to meet new friends and share common passions with them for the creation of a solid digital reality, but, above all, 8earn wishes to create consolidated collaborations that can develop new projects trying to offer everyone various opportunities.

Once the staff has been consolidated, when a member of your network reviews a product, conveying a purchase or purchasing a product/service directly through a store affiliated with 8earn, cashback will be repaid (a value return on the expense incurred for each confirmed purchase, the which will subsequently be set aside in the Accrued Bonus area on the 8earn panel).

Also, in addition to the cashback for those who have purchased, various bonuses will be recognized to the participants of their network (1st stage: Manager > 2nd stage: Direct Agent > 3rd stage: Indirect Agent).

In the Liquidated Bonus area instead, you can download your payment receipt or, if you have a VAT number, you can directly attach the respective invoice.

Your business volume will be greater the more people join your network and shop online.

This process occurs in every company on a daily basis, when the clientele and therefore, dynamically, the relative turnover is increased.

You will be able to create working groups promoting the management of new campaigns, helping you with the media power of Social Networks using the appropriate free functions made available by the system to disseminate your marketing promos.

8earn, in addition to proposing you among the Top Managers, can award you various Incentive Bonuses, as the affiliated stores, depending on the period, launch sponsored promo campaigns.

Let's make a small parenthesis on the Dropshipping system integrated with the brand which can offer you further advantages.

If you have a VAT number and your main interest is to sell products directly and position yourself with your store on the web, by accessing the platform you can request to be affiliated by making the request from the work with us area or directly from contact us section. This will allow you to use advanced systems necessary to import all the items in bulk on your store and consequently on various marketplaces.

After registering, you will be able to open your digital store and you will be connected to the Shopify platform; as a result you will find a vast catalog of dropshipping suppliers from which to select products and import them to your store.

8earn shopping will offer you the possibility of placing your product on the various Marketplaces to gain visibility towards millions of potential digital buyers.

For this reason, the various integration applications will help you manage the publication of your products on the various sales channels.

In fact, we remind you that millions of transactions take place every day on the various digital e-commerce platforms. This plays in favor of all those who wish to enhance their income with the advantage of being driven by a commercial flow generated by the largest Stores which have now consolidated the various collaborations in reference to affiliation methods.

For example, you can publish the product you are selling by creating a link. You can use the 8earn network to promote your campaigns; in this way you will be able to boost the sales of your shop and increase your turnover.

All campaigns on have no cost and are offered organically to 100% of registered users through the appropriate selection filters.

We remind you that 8earn does not ask for any type of fixed subscription.

If, on the other hand, you have created an e-commerce with 8earn shopping, you will have to pay for the plan selected for managing it, but this is a different world.

On 8earn you can import and review the products of any partner on your Easy Shop.

In fact, as we said, the Easy Shop on 8earn is an area where all your reviews will be cataloged to allow your visitors to learn more about the products of greatest interest, having the convenience of filtering the various categories to which the products by tag, thus launching a real multi-brand section.

By doing so, together with your network and thanks to your Manager Code (Link Referral) you can share the product on any social network (whatsapp, facebook, twitter, linkedln or other platforms of your interest) with the appropriate sharing functions.

Anyone who completes the purchase by clicking on your post, going to the product page, will give you the opportunity to set aside Bonuses for you and your network, and, more importantly, the buyer will also be able to enjoy savings on each product purchased and this cashback will be credited to him in his reserved area of ​​the 8earn platform.

If the buyer has not yet registered with 8earn, he will still be able to complete the purchase using your promo, by clicking on the banner you have published and connecting directly to the product page of the site concerned.

You must know that some users may simply be interested in making intelligent purchases and with 8earn they can choose whether to proceed directly with the purchase even before registering on the platform but in this case the cashback will not be recognized unlike you who instead being registered you will continue to receive bonuses at all times (even if the purchase is registered by an unregistered user).

It will mainly be possible for the buyer to obtain good savings which, observed over the year, will produce considerable value; moreover, let's never forget the fundamental importance of setting aside funds dedicated to one's own needs and one's family and 8earn wants to try to be of support to everyone.

Unlike other digital realities with reference to cashback, 8earn allows you to share content within a Notice Board where you can establish a direct relationship with the staff and basically with your customers precisely because they will be the ones to make purchases on the Marketplaces through of 8earn and therefore they will give you the opportunity to receive bonuses.

You will find various filters to select topics according to your preferences.

This section can help you get valuable feedback from your entire network, and therefore, to inspire you for the best digital campaigns.

On the Bulletin Board you can customize the profile image and the cover of your brand; moreover it is possible to monitor the periodic progress of the Accrued Bonuses as well as being able to constantly view the profiles of the new participants who will connect to your network, all this will motivate you to increase a great business.

8earn users will be able to follow you by becoming Followers, staying constantly updated through notifications when you make specific publications.

In fact, you will find a notification on the 8earn bell every time someone will make an interaction on your content or other activity concerning your account such as receiving Bonuses or new members registered in your network.

In the Info section of 8earn you will be able to view all the information to stay updated on the platform at all times and, if you are unable to view some updates on the 8earn app, you could try updating your browser history.

If necessary, you can always contact the assistance service, active 8 hours a day during office hours, describing your need in the specific HELP section, requesting the intervention of an 8earn operator.

8earn aims to satisfy its network by offering a truly accurate service to satisfy every need.

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