Automazioni con Shopify

Building marketing automations in Shopify

Marketing automations let you automatically email customers when specific events occur. Marketing automations use Shopify Flow workflows to trigger an email to be sent to customers at a specific point in time. You can set up automations using a template or create your own automation. You can choose which type of marketing automation to create based on the type of email message you want to send.

With the exception of custom marketing automations and third-party automations, marketing automations use Shopify Email to send email messages to customers. Email messages sent through automations, aside from abandoned cart automation, are counted in your emails sent with Shopify Email. For more information, see the Shopify Email Pricing page.

Marketing automations are available for stores on the Basic Shopify plan or higher. To create marketing automations, you need to have Marketing permission on your store account. For more information, see Staff permissions.

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