Activate my new site "Shopify Professionale" for only €299.00 + VAT per month All-Inclusive! PROMO OFFER ACTIVE. Shopify Template Included!


How much will my new website cost?

The cost of your new website will be only €299.00 + VAT per month (billing with bimonthly advance payment).

Includes your Shopify account.

Includes a Shopify template of your choice.

Includes multi-channel integrator up to 1,500 products and 100 monthly orders (expandable by raising the subscription threshold) for the following channels: Shopify+Amazon+Google+Etsy+Instagram+Trovaprezzi+e-Price+Leroy Merlin+Facebook+ManoMano+Ibs+ Ebay+8ear+8ear shopping.

Includes all initial setup.

Includes platform support.

Includes back-up service up to 300 monthly orders (expandable by raising the subscription threshold).

Includes compliance for GDPR purposes.

NB Additional third-party applications to connect to your Shopify site are obviously to be considered separately.

Will there be unexpected costs in addition to the monthly €299.00 + VAT that I will have to bear?

No unexpected costs. However, you must consider that if you want to get the maximum performance from your website, following your goals, you will most likely want to increase the applications to always get new functions. Don't worry about this because this will happen gradually as your turnover grows. Your new website, right from the start, will offer you all the features you need to start your business. Finally, consider that the costs of third-party applications that can be purchased from the Shopify store have very affordable monthly fees. Also keep in mind that many apps come with free plans.

Why should I support your recurring subscription?

This is the best way to kick off your new business in a very short time, practically immediately. This will allow you to start monetizing immediately and at the same time you will be able to train yourself on the fundamental notions that are required by the systems. The creation of a platform requires experts in the sector who manage interventions of a rather sophisticated technical nature. API alignments are a feature that our developers manage on a daily basis. Unfortunately, more often than not, DIY hides considerable aspects that can lead to the failure of an excellent project. The study to be undertaken in order to be able to achieve training that allows professional development would be onerous and to be faced over a long period to then come to understand that all the time dedicated to this type of activity has not been monetized, rather spent. Obviously, updates will take place along the tortuous do-it-yourself journey, opportunities will pass, systems will migrate and one would find oneself continually chasing an increasingly distant goal, facing huge and unexpected investments that could appease the desire to continue creating. On the contrary, the support of an expert in the sector will be able to offer you motivation by facing little expense and an immediate effect, managing to implement your project in a very short time, optimizing timing as much as possible. You will mentally adapt to the system that you have perhaps imagined up to now but which you still have to touch and implement an e-commerce project is not exactly very simple, on the contrary there are programming steps that must be well tested. The optimal solution that we offer with a basic monthly subscription fee of €299.00 + VAT, will allow you to devote all your concentration to the sales channels to immediately increase your turnover. Automated systems need continuous updates and daily support but without these activities your site would be isolated from any source. Thanks to one of our experts you won't have to think about all this precisely because these tasks are part of our business and in a short time you will learn all the knowledge necessary for the development of value of your brand and at the same time you will be able to better visualize the progress of your project monetizing.

How will my website be activated?

After receiving the order, we will contact you at the addresses you have indicated to us to better define the project line. We'll first prepare your Shopify account. After defining the objectives with you, we will install all the applications necessary to carry out your work.

When will you start creating my new website?

We will start immediately.. if it is a weekday or holiday we will start on the first following working day.

How long will it take to create my website?

We usually deliver within 24 hours. Our guidelines provide for delivery within 72 working hours from the first information phase. The timing also depends on the size of the project if customizations are desired, but we can discuss this at the first meeting.

What will my website include?

We will provide you with a complete account to run your business in the best way. You won't have to worry about dealing with installations. We will assist you until the pre-launch phase in creating your new e-commerce.

What will my new website look like?

You will decide this since it will be you who will customize the template and enter the various information and collections. We will guide you step by step in web conference or chat helping you to learn about the various features to manage your work in an ultra-fast way.

Could you offer me a turnkey service including template customization?

Yes, we could offer you a turnkey service if you wish, but in this case it will be a request for customized development. In this case, after a careful analysis of the project, we will directly develop your new e-commerce from A to Z. Obviously, this service is offered for a fee by our developers. The amount to be incurred for the supply of a complete website (turnkey) requires an additional sum to your monthly subscription fee therefore the supply service of a new turnkey website will be UT 5,500 € + VAT to be paid in 2 solutions (50% on order + 50% on delivery). The estimated delivery time is around 30 days.

Could I get a multivendor site?

Yes, it is possible to install multivendor management on your new Shopify site so that your sellers/collaborators can register on your platform and upload their products, but again this is a custom development request. They will also be able to access a warehouse of global products if you allow it by authorizing them directly from your app. Global products are products you have previously selected for your sellers that can be sold on the same platform as you. When a user goes to the product page of your site, he will be able to view all the vendors who sell the same product at different prices. Each seller will be able to show their shop on your site and create filters and tags to categorize their products; each seller's shop will be customizable directly by him. You can also connect other Shopify websites to your store and automatically import all the products. This function provides for an additional UT cost of €2,500.00 + VAT and an increase in your monthly subscription fee of €100.00 + VAT. NB Additional features for your new Shopify Multivendor website are obviously to be considered separately.

Will I have ties to my website?

You will have no obligation other than your prepaid monthly fee of €299.00 + VAT. You can suspend it at any time.

After creating my site, what activities will I have to carry out to support it?

The activities you will have to do will not be too demanding. The first thing you'll have to think about is customizing your template and thanks to the Shopify editor it won't be difficult for you to implement your project idea; obviously one of our experts will give you all the basics to get started without making mistakes right away. Once you have published your site on the web you will have to think about importing the products into the sales channels thanks to the automatic integrator which will help you manage your preferences and price rules on the Marketplaces in just a few clicks. Once this is done, all you have to do is manage the orders received and it would be advisable to keep your site updated by publishing valuable content such as periodically writing blogs that can be indexed in search engines and let you be found thanks to advanced SEO systems.

Up to what stage will you assist me?

Our job is to activate the Shopify account to connect the applications, the multi-channel integrator and carry out all the settings to ensure that the machine runs perfectly; we will also manage all the daily activities necessary to support the systems linked to your website. Once this is done, we will provide you with a web-conference meeting to explain the steps required to customize your new website. Our mission is to offer you quick and very concentrated knowledge so that you can fully dedicate yourself to the creation of your content without worrying about carrying out all the tasks of fundamental importance for the maintenance of your e-commerce. We will remain available at any time should you feel the need to contact us again.

What will happen if I want to deactivate my website?

No problem. You will have 30 days from its deactivation to reactivate it and start exactly where you left off. After 30 days from its deactivation, if you have not reactivated it, all data will be reset.

What will be the tax burden for managing my website?

The service that we will offer you for the rental of your new website will be paid through an advance bi-monthly subscription fee for an indefinite period which you can terminate at any time simply by not renewing your subscription (No formal cancellations are required). Once you have paid your prepaid bimonthly fee, you will be able to take advantage of all the functions of your e-commerce. We will send you the invoice every two months based on the data you have sent us.

What do you need to get started?

Briefly describe your project. Try to let us understand your idea and your goals as best as possible. Before starting, we will contact you because the creation of a truly professional website will be determined precisely by the fact that we better understand each dynamic, get to know each other, talk to each other and consolidate an excellent relationship with our structure right from the start.

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