A&M Italia Children's Nasal Irrigator Set - Made in Italy - 1 Syringe + 3 Nozzles for Nose Wash

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Brand: A&M Italy

Color: Transparent


  • ITALIAN PRODUCT - Professional heads and syringes made in Italy, assistance 24/7
  • 1 SYRINGE, 3 OLIVES - 10 ml manual pressure syringe and 3 refills of silicone tips
  • PACKAGED Syringes and nasal nozzles individually packaged, safe and easy to use
  • DELICATE - Nose spout in silicone for washing the nose of children without pain
  • IT DOESN'T COME OFF - Professional nozzle that doesn't come off when cleaning with saline
  • GET BACK TO BREATHING - Fight colds, allergies and stuffy nose by clearing mucus naturally
  • EFFECTIVE DISPENSER - With a jet of hypertonic solution for nasal washing you clean deeply
  • SIMPLE, FAST - Free the newborn's nostrils from mucus simple and intuitive like at the pediatrician
  • ALSO FOR ADULTS - Nasal decongestant also perfect for the hygiene and protection of adults
  • CE CONFORMITY - Made in compliance with strict European standards for a safe and reliable product

Details: Does a stuffy nose create breathing problems for your child? Do allergies and colds ruin your sleep and moments together? Breathe again with the A&M Italia nasal shower irrigator set: a deep and delicate cleaning!Made in Italy product with CE certificationsThe syringe and the heads of the children's nasal lavage irrigator set are made in Italy for a safe and controlled product, contact us for any information! In addition, the nasal irrigator set for nasal washes is made of CE certified silicone and plastic. Practical and easy to use every day: fight stuffy nose, allergies and colds A good cleaning of the nasal cavities allows you to speed up healing and prevent inconvenience due to colds or allergies.The simple-to-use newborn nasal irrigation set for daily cleaning of the nose: with a hypertonic saline solution in a few steps you free the nose from mucus and germs, to finally breathe again!Set consisting of 1 plastic syringe and 3 silicone replacement nozzles You receive the nasal wash irrigator set with a 10ml nasal wash syringe and 3 silicone nose wash olives: delicate: the nozzles are made of silicone which adapts to the nasal conformity without scratching, for deep cleaning even for the little ones reusable: if stored properly and sterilized after each use, a nozzle can last up to 2 months stable connection: firmly screw the nozzles to the syringe thanks to the screw connection, making cleaning even easier and safer adults and the elderly: use the nasal irrigator set also for the cleaning and hygiene of adults and the elderly Don't let a stuffy nose and allergies ruin your days: buy the A&M Italia nasal irrigator set now!

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 5.9 x 1.1 inches

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