AQUASKUDO - Polyphosphates for boiler refill, Anti-scale filter for universal boiler, Anti-scale boiler, 6 Polyphosphate cartridges for universal boiler ready to use

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  • STOP LIMESTONE - Thanks to the AQUASKUDO polyphosphate powder for boilers, you protect the water system and all household appliances, showers, taps, washing machines and dishwashers.

  • UNIVERSAL - The polyphosphate refill for boilers is a ready-to-use and universal product, which can be used with any type of polyphosphate dispenser for boilers available on the market.

  • GREATER EFFICIENCY - The action of this boiler anti-limescale filter when used constantly facilitates the life of the boiler by avoiding encrustations and the formation of limescale, increasing performance.

  • QUALITY - Our polyphosphate cartridges for boilers are produced in Italy and guarantee a longer life than other cartridges, also allowing for considerable energy savings.

  • MAXIMUM DURATION - The super compact and concentrated format of our AQUASKUDO polyphosphate cartridge for boilers is a guarantee for your boiler.

Details: Choose the AQUASKUDO polyphosphate cartridges for boilers to have various benefits in your heating system: They prevent the formation of limescale deposits: the polyphosphates act as an anti-limescale, preventing the formation of limescale deposits and oxidation on the internal components of the boiler and of the pipes, which could cause malfunctions and reduce the efficiency of the system. They protect against corrosion: polyphosphates help protect the metal parts of the system from corrosion, thus prolonging their life. Improve system efficiency: Reduction of scale deposits and corrosion protection can improve system efficiency, saving energy costs. They reduce maintenance costs: the use of polyphosphate refills for boilers can reduce the frequency of system cleaning and maintenance operations, allowing you to save on maintenance costs. Company and Quality 100% MADE IN ITALY

Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 3.7 x 1.6 inches

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