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D'Arienzo srl was founded in 1991 from the intuition and expertise of its founder Matteo D'Arienzo and has become a leader in the production and marketing of leather clothing.

While remaining anchored to the artisan tradition and family management, the D'Arienzo brand has climbed to the top of Italian leather fashion, also establishing itself internationally, with the conquest of important slices of the European, Asian and American markets.

The strength of the brand is based on the quality of the raw materials and manufacturing, in the continuous search for innovative solutions, but still anchored in the Solofra leather tradition. The competence deriving from the growth in an area internationally recognized as the homeland of leather, has allowed the D'Arienzo family and the staff who assist them, to select the best materials and the most qualified workers, giving a unique imprint to their products.

The company's goal today is to satisfy a clientele that has become increasingly demanding over the years, aiming at a target of consumers who appreciate and use quality products, while remaining within a range of prices accessible to large-scale consumers.

Today, more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, D'Arienzo will always place the customer, the environment and the worker at the top of the priorities to be preserved and raised, with the certainty of being able to have a following of buyers who are sensitive to the same corporate ideologies.

In 2014, the D'Arienzo Collezioni online shop was born, a virtual showcase for its customers who can easily get to know all the products available in the store from home and from their mobile and follow the brand's new trends. Today D'Arienzo is proud to serve thousands of customers around the world by offering the best of Italian craftsmanship.

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