Home Dehumidifier 1000ML, GuKKK Electric Moisture Absorber LED, Portable and Quiet for Bedroom, Bathroom, Automatic Defrost/Shut Off, Against Mold and Damp, for Closet Garage

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Brand: GuKKK

Color: White


  • Upgraded Semiconductor-Peltier Technology Our dehumidifier equipped with semiconductor-Peltier refrigeration technology which makes the dehumidifying effect greater. Safely and efficiently removes moisture in spaces up to 20m.
  • Defrost mode When used in low temperatures or in winter, ice formation is inevitable. It is recommended to open the defrost mode when the temperature is lower than 15. In this mode, the dehumidifier stops working for 5 minutes every 30 minutes to avoid condensation and ice in the low temperature working environment.
  • Quiet and Auto Shut Off Our energy efficient dehumidifiers have a low hum at sound levels as low as 40-45 decibels. When the water is full, the dehumidifier will beep and automatically stop working, while the light will turn red and start flashing, reminding you that the water tank is full and needs to be emptied.
  • Colored LED light After the dehumidifier is turned on, the indicator light is displayed in a cycle of seven colors. Short press the light button to switch red - green - blue. The LED mode turns off at the fourth time. The bright colors illuminate the water tank and are also a pleasant night light for the room or bedroom.
  • Portable 1000ML Water Tank Compact and lightweight, this home dehumidifier features a large 1000ml water tank that can remove up to 300ml of water from the air per day (30.80%RH). Small but powerful, the dehumidifier is perfect for drawing moisture from the air in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or office and preventing window condensation and mold growth.

Details: Product performance:1. Dehumidification area: 20 (suitable for living room, bedroom, study room, wardrobe, etc.)2. Dehumidification volume: about 300ml per day (30, 80% RH).3. Cooling components: Peltier module4. Fan parameters: 92mm x 92mm DC brushless motor5. Rated input: DC9V 2.5A6. Rated power: 22.5W7. Water tank volume: 1000ML

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.4 x 5.1 inches

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