Pruning Shears with 2 48V Batteries Professional Branch Cutter Electric Shears Portable Garden Pruning Scissor Garden Trees Fruit Trees Cordless Cordless Branches Shrubs

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Brand: Generic

Color: Green Blue


  • The powerful blade in high carbon stainless steel, very sharp and able to cleanly chop branches and shrubs up to 25mm thick
  • 48v The 48 Volt batteries ensure a long time of use up to 3 consecutive hours, and an unprecedented cutting power. In the package you will find 2 48W batteries
  • Its design studied in detail to lighten the load from the hand and project the weight towards the blade, where it will support the powerful gears to obtain an even cleaner cut
  • The pruning shears are the ideal tool to allow you to carry out any gardening job in maximum comfort. Ideal for cutting twigs and shrubs, but also for pruning tendrils and pruning hedges
  • . The Shrub Pruning Shear is the top-of-the-range tool you were looking for, for the care and maintenance of all your green spaces, electric shears work ten times more efficiently than traditional manual shears
  • Please Note The Scissors may be Black or Red

Details: 48V Pruning Shears with 2 Batteries FREE CASE Thanks to the pruning shears, you will be able to easily prune branches with a diameter of 3 cm. The shear blade is forged in SK5 carbon steel, a sharp and resistant material to guarantee a regular cut from 0 to 30 mm. The non-slip handle will make you work safely, without the risk of slipping. This electric shear powered by a 48V lithium battery which guarantees its use for up to 5 hours. Details: The ideal electric shear for pruning vineyards, orchards and even olive groves. The reduced weight and the non-slip rubber handle make it practical and simple to use, also due to the absence of power cables coming out of the machine. The shear is supplied with 2 lithium ion batteries, to be inserted directly into the lower part of the shear, so as to be able to work in complete freedom without cables that can hinder the work. The scissors are fitted with excellent SK5 steel blades and have a progressive cut with 2 cutting openings. The battery, light and performing, guarantees up to 4.5 hours of autonomy with a very fast recharge time of 3-5 hours. Features: Cutting diameter 30mm; Battery voltage 48V Battery life 5 hours; Charging time 3-5 hours. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Ergonomic handle; Cutting time 0.4 seconds; Maximum cutting diameter 30mm; Battery type LITHIUM 48V Battery autonomy (single) 5 hours; Double battery supplied; Battery charger supplied; Progressive cut with double opening.

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