GebEarth Peat Discs for Germination, Pack of 24 Peat Discs, Ideal for Germinating All Types of Seeds [Significantly Increases Germination Rate]

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Brand: GebEarth


  • BRING YOUR SEEDLINGS TO LIFE: GebEarth Peat Sowing Discs will give the space and nutrients your seeds need to have a very high germination rate;
  • UNIFORM HUMIDITY: The first need for a seed to germinate successfully is constant and above all uniform humidity, a requirement you won't have to worry about with the GebEarth Peat Disks;
  • SELECTED PEAT: Composed of the best peats, GebEarth Peat Discs promote the development of roots from the seed thanks to a crumbly consistency and the supply of nutrients;
  • ELIMINATE THE STRESS FROM REPOTS: The GebEarth Peat Discs for Germination can be transferred with your plant into the new pot, effectively eliminating the risk of possible repotting stress;
  • SIMPLE USE: All you have to do is wet your GebEarth Peat Disks and insert the seed in the dedicated hole to be ready to give life to your new plant!

Details: With GebEarth Peat Discs, germinating your seeds will be child's play! The use of selected peat allows us to guarantee an environment with a soft and crumbly consistency, ideal for the delicate roots of a seed. Furthermore, peat contains a high quantity of essential nutrients for healthy and luxuriant development. By using our product you will be able to provide an excellent breathability of the substrate and to prevent the first rootlets born from your seed from finding themselves soon with little oxygen, at the same time thanks to their composition, our Peat Disks prove to be indispensable allies for uniform moisture management, whether you want to use a mini greenhouse or not. The combination of these multiple strengths makes us proud to be able to offer you a tool that will simplify your sowing, making the process simpler and more satisfying thanks to a high germination rate. To give life to your new seedlings, don't choose just any product... Choose GebEarth Peat Discs for Germination!

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.8 x 0.9 inches

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