GebEarth Peat Fiber Pots for Seedlings Pack of 120 Peat Pots Ideal for germination and cuttings. [100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable product]

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Brand: GebEarth


  • EASIER GERMINATION: Our Peat Jars are comfortable, practical and make the germination of your sowing easier by guaranteeing the seeds humidity, hydration and gaseous exchange with the environment;
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF SEEDS: You can germinate any type of seed without specific needs in our Biodegradable Jars, from tomato to aubergine, from Adenium to Portulaca;
  • GOODBYE STRESS FROM REPOTS: You no longer have to worry about risking damage to the roots of your seedling during the first repotting, a GebEarth Peat Pot follows your plant into the new pot without causing any problems;
  • ON THE SIDE OF THE ENVIRONMENT: Since it is a product composed solely of peat fiber, our Pots for Seedlings are friends of nature and will be biodegraded without effort;
  • MORE SOWING AT THE SAME TIME: Thanks to the 120 pot format you can sow all your favorite plants, and if you have any leftover you can always use them at a later time as they have no expiry date.

Details: GebEarth Plant Pots are biodegradable containers made with Peat Fiber, an organic and ecological material that facilitates sowing without affecting the roots of new and young plants. They are perfect for germinating seeds and carrying on the plant in its growth , being biodegradable, you can in fact bury the peat pots together with it in your garden or inside a larger container, without damaging it. Discover the GebEarth Peat Pots now: comfortable, practical, ecological and suitable for all your seeds !

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 7.1 x 2.8 inches

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