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New brand of laundry fresheners launched on the market in September 2021.

Products entirely in Italy made with care in the components and in the aesthetics, of which Ventilii makes its pride and defines them "cosmetics for the care of fabrics".

Although recently born, Ventilii already has clear values ​​on which to base its corporate reality: offering an unconventional customer experience and standing out for its fragrances. In fact, the sole founder, Luca Alessi, has experienced firsthand what it means to be a consumer, and therefore wants to pamper his customers in the best possible way. For this reason, the products are all made in Italy, made with care in the components and in the aesthetics, of which Ventilii makes its pride.

The ten fragrances designed for laundry fresheners embody the sensory experience of the object or the city whose name they bear. This is because the young reality has well understood how difficult it is for the customer to imagine the scent of a fragrance without being able to smell it in person, as happens with products from online stores. An attempt was then made to facilitate the work of the customer's imagination, who thanks to the names with which the perfumers have been called, can already feel the notes in the air that they will release once used.

Of the ten variants present, five emanate fresh and light fragrances, while the remaining resort to more fruity and intense tendencies. For those undecided, it is possible to purchase a collection kit containing single-serving portions of each individual fragrance. Given the extremely refined packaging, complete with a handwritten thank you note, the box of many perfumes also becomes an excellent thought to give for a special occasion. Indeed, the attention to detail makes Ventilii a brand that is easily recognized, releasing from every pore the colors that identify the brand so much: pink and black. That's why even inside the boxes ordered online you will find matching decorations, together with the scented paper of the chosen fragrance.

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