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The first thing you need to think about is… AUTOMATION!

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We build your new e-commerce site on the Shopify platform and can integrate over 1,500 certified partners. Networks like Awin will be able to integrate into your marketing system making you receive hundreds of visits from customers who will buy directly from your site. We will support you for all the necessary configurations. You will get an exclusive, turnkey service right up to the launch stage.

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Automate the Sales Process with the Multi-Channel Integrator!


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Catalog import and synchronization.

Unification of categories

All the categories of your shop can be mapped with the categories of the Marketplaces.

Price rules

You can differentiate prices with specific rules.

Intelligent algorithms

Analyze all the data and make the best decisions.

Amazon Prime

Cut costs and manage Prime orders.

External logistics

Real-time orders and supplies management.

Hundreds of Dropshipping Catalogues

You will be connected to hundreds of drop shipping suppliers.

Performances & Reports

You will have filters for every type of need and you will guide your company in the best possible way.

Centralization of product sheets

You will be able to better manage the information on the product sheets.


Diversify information for each sales channel from a single point of management.

Inventory management

Manage multiple stocks from one location and minimize errors.

Order management

Manage all orders from the various platforms in a single star center.

Couriers and shipments

Optimize management, compare costs and automate management.


You will be able to manage custom integrations.

Collaborator management

Create your team by assigning role management.


Get your platform

Start up

We help you take off

Fly among the stars

Earn Profits

Multivendor Marketplace Multichannel Intelligence

Turnkey activation process

We will take care of everything.. we will activate and synchronize your new Shopify e-commerce!

Shopify activation

You will be contacted via e-mail for the first introductory phase. We'll activate your Shopify account and deliver login passwords to you in less than 72 business hours.

Account setup

We will synchronize all data processing processes. We will talk to you about the operating procedures to offer you the best work experience.


We'll connect your domains directly to your new Shopify website. You will get all the benefits on your platform. All traffic will be funneled to your primary domains.


We will synchronize all the necessary applications. We'll walk you through creating your new Shopify store step-by-step.

Import of catalogues

We will support you in importing the dropshipping catalogs that you can find on your new platform.


We will connect your platform to multi-channel management systems to import your products on the Marketplaces.

The most important thing to sell?

Automate the sales process. Trust the most advanced search engine in the world.

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Our channels

Your site will be able to synchronize with the various sales channels.. these are just a few!

Do you really want to make money online?

Listen to the experts.. if you really want to earn you need an advanced site.. let us create it for you!

Automations with Shopify
Automazioni con Shopify

Automations with Shopify

Seo keywords
Parole chiave Seo

Seo keywords

Convert from your Shopify website
Convertire dal tuo sito web Shopify

Convert from your Shopify website

Shopify online store
Negozio online Shopify

Shopify online store

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